Veterinary Pet Hospice Care

Family-owned Mobile and at-home pet hospice care and euthanasia serving St. Petersburg and surrounding areas in Florida.

Meet the Team:


Dr. Cindy Exelby and friends

Cindy Exelby
Growing up on a large farm in Michigan, where the majority of my free time was spent caring for farm animals, I knew at an early age I would be a veterinarian.

After graduating from Michigan State University with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine,  I began working at a large and small animal hospital in Kansas City, Missouri gaining extensive experience in internal medicine and surgery.  Witnessing the strength of the human-pet bond was so powerful and affected me so deeply I knew early on I had chosen the only career for me. I was, and remain committed to educating my clients as we worked together as a team to keep their pets healthy.

My love for the southwest led my family to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I opened my new practice with a wonderful clientele. As our practice grew, it became clear our beloved pets needed additional tender loving care at the end of their lives.  We remained devoted to creating a new way to treat our beloved elderly pets in their own homes as they became challenged with the struggles of declining health. Our practice in St. Petersburg, FL  is my dream come true as it offers end of life pet hospice care in the safety and comfort of your own home (outside). Our goal is to alleviate the stress on you and your pet. Now I can truly say home medicine creates the perfect loving environment to take care of the whole family’s needs with your pet at the forefront during these difficult times. I feel honored and blessed to offer our support services.


Misty Exelby, Practice Owner

Misty Exelby
My life is blessed to help people and their beloved pets find peace and serenity in the pet’s geriatric years. My career began in human medicine, where I heard about and saw firsthand the importance of the “human-animal bond.” I was witness to the unconditional love pets gave their owners for decades and wanted to do my part in supporting that bond.

Our family was fortunate to own veterinary practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico for several years.  It was at this time I followed my heart by dedicating my life fully to veterinary medicine. Nothing compares to that special joy between a person and their beloved pet.

As we treated pets in the clinical environment it became increasingly clear to us the option to offer extra palliative care in their senior years was an essential gift.  As our clients asked us to come to their homes to treat their elderly pets, we saw the absence of stress in the pet’s eyes. We saw our beloved clients grateful for the house call, their own stress, and fear relieved as well. Our decision to open an in-home animal hospice care service for pets fell right in line with the beautiful poem, “The Rainbow Bridge.”  This was a dream come true for us, an opportunity to make the end of life decisions in a beautifully supportive environment for our families and pets in need.

As we continue to receive beautiful thank you notes from all of you following your touching experiences with using our service, it’s our time to thank YOU. Thank you for trusting us, for loving our pets every step of their lives. You are our true heroes.

If you want to learn more about our veterinary hospice service for pets in St. Pete Florida, and surrounding areas, visit our contact page to speak with us today.