Covid-19 Update

We take seriously what we do to help your pets over the rainbow bridge and honor your desire to help them during this difficult time.

Although our services have had to change a bit, we remain dedicated to providing exemplary service when your pets need us the most.

We are taking extra safety measures to help you and our staff stay safe: We can no longer enter your homes but can provide services in a barn, outside deck, patio, or your pet’s favorite spot under their favorite tree in the yard.

We are no longer able to provide cremation services at this time. If you are unable to bury your pet at home you will have to arrange cremation services yourself.

We must maintain social distancing during this time and can assure you the doctor will be wearing a mask and gloves for your protection.

We mandate that you too protect us by wearing your own masks or bandanas covering mouths and noses.

It is also important for you to know our doctor will be taking their temperatures before arriving.

As per CDC recommendations if you or anyone in your family is exhibiting any illness or has possibly been exposed to COVID-19 please call to reschedule our visit.

During the scheduling of your appointment, the person you are speaking with will ask if you have been near anyone exposed to the virus in the last two weeks. If you have had any signs of illness at that time please let us know at the time of scheduling. Our doctors will be texting or calling you when they arrive at your home, allowing you to direct them to the outside space you have chosen.

Thank you for working with us during this very difficult Covid-19 pandemic. We surely appreciate your understanding.