In-home hospice consultation or euthanasia consultation includes a physical exam from our doctor, an assessment of the pet’s pain and quality of life, and a treatment plan to best serve your pet’s needs.

If euthanasia is the decided course, a sedative will be administered to allow the pet to relax.  Once they have reached a sedated state and the family is ready, a calm, peaceful euthanasia will start them on their journey toward the Rainbow Bridge.

The following costs are calculated based on 99 lbs body weight or less.  Additional drug costs may be applicable for pets over 99 pounds.  We would be happy to quote that when you call.


catPawPrint        Weekdays   8:00am-7:00pm:                            $225

(Later hours by appointment)

    catPawPrint    Sundays      9:00am-5:00pm                             $265


Holiday (By appointment):                                        $300



Your pet will be lovingly transported by us for cremation free of charge.
Private cremation: We transport your pet to a licensed local crematorium.
We will make certain your pet’s name identifies them for cremation.
Their ashes are placed into a standard urn.
They will be returned to you in a timely manner.

catPawPrintYour pet is cremated individually with no other pets:

Private cremation    0- 25 lbs:  $200

catPawPrintPrivate cremation    26-100 lbs: $285
 catPawPrintPrivate cremation 100+ lbs   $ quoted
 catPawPrintYour pet is cremated together with other pets and ashes not returned:

Communal cremation   0-50 lbs: $75

 Communal cremation  51-100 lbs: $150catPawPrint
 Communal cremation  100+ lbs  $ quotedcatPawPrint
catPawPrintPrivate burial at the licensed pet memorial garden:  This arrangement must be made at the memorial facility.
Will are happy to help facilitate this to meet your needs.