So amazing!! Keep up the great work! This world needs more you you!!
- Jason Hanson

Love and Kindness

When Cindy came to our home, her first move was to sit on the floor next to our little old man poodle, Basil. She sat with him, getting to know him, gently petting and massaging his little body. At the end I realized she had done a physical exam and he felt no fear only love. Cindy is an brilliant practitioner and even more she is a fierce advocate and voice for our fur babies! She has devoted her career to improving the quality of life for wee ones, now she is ready to take on ensuring that our babies have the best possible end of life care, be that months or years or tomorrow. You will surrounded by love and kindness the moment that you put your wee ones in the care of Cindy & Misty.
- Martha Chamberlain

All animals great and small

All animals great and small, gods gift to us all. Cindy Exelby is a gift to the animal kingdom. (Us too) I would only have her take care of my animals, as she would extend her heart and soul into the animals she cares for. This is the vet you want to help your beloved pet transition to the next world.
- Melvin Dakota Andrews

Hands Down the Best!

Hands down the best! Compassionate, loving, caring; not only for furry family members, but their owners too!
- Patrice St. Romain

Reviews Source: Rainbow Veterinary Hospice Facebook Page